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Everyone should express themselves, at least occasionally, through art. Here are some of my attempts!

Instant! Item One! What kind of pictures does a Polaroid SX-70 camera make? Visit the online Polaroid Portfolio and marvel at the needless complexity of scanned instant photographs.
Lines! Item Two! Here's something that got out of hand. I'm not sure what it is... but it's big, and it's red! Marvel, wonder, and remain as confused as I am.
Instant! Item Three! What would happen if you started to take your squiggles too seriously? Well, you wouldn't; only a silly person would do that, and I call them Giant Doodles!
Instant! Item Four! Whenever the real world isn't enough, or rather too much, you need icons to keep things clear! And so do I; here's some I made!
Build! Item Five! What would you call the Washington Monument constructed out of Lincoln Logs? If, like me, you were mildly clever, you might call it The Lincoln Monument!

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