CreativePotato industries

CreativePotato industries is proud to offer assemblages of the written word in a happy variety of forms. Choose the one that's right for you!


Item One! Here's a couple of comics I wrote for team smartyPants. I think you will agree that they are, if not hilarious, at least unusually arranged!


Item Two! Many hilarious and or disturbing short stories are available within this word. Why do I write them? I don't know. Why do you read them? I don't know that either.


Item Three! I used to like to keep a running tirade, but Blogger killed my blog. Now it belongs to the ages, for the time being!


Item Four! I admit that I do not write many essays, mostly because I think they end up sounding pompous to my mind's ear. Decide for yourself here!

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"where tomorrow is the future"