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Run, Duck, Run! GridBloc is a simple, mindbending game you and your loved-ones should be playing everyday. Invented and developed by Mark Zatopek and Mario Champion for team smartypants!, GridBloc is a challenging two-player strategy game designed specifically for wireless devices, but enjoyable in all formats.

Turn-based gameplay and spare graphics avoid the latency and memory issues of small devices, and simple rules allow quick uptake for new players. Round One: run, score points, and get trapped. Round Two: try to trap your opponent before she outscores you. What could be easier? Why yes, this game IS patented!

So why not take a moment and play what wünderkind Patrick Curry calls, "The best game on the web that nobody's playing." Better yet, email me and we'll play it together. That's GridBloc, ask for it by name!

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