Building the Graduated Experience
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abstract! Graduated Experience is a retailing principal I created for Whole Foods Market that allows customers to build individualized experiences within a store.

At the level of the individual, customers can use web tools and in-store interactive kiosks to build and save grocery lists, search for recipes, learn about seasonal specials and generate product reviews.

Within the store, departments are organized on a two-track circulation system. Popular and self-service items are located along the main aisle, or Fast Track, which is designed to allow customers with limited time to walk the entire store in a few minutes. Service and special items are featured in the Deep Track, where customers can interact with team members, discover, and learn in a more intimate space adjacent to but distinct from the animated Fast Track. Customers are free to enter or pass Deep Track at each department.

At the store level, Fast Track becomes a defining edge for an open plaza of public space at the center of Whole Foods. Public events (farmer's markets, music, parties, and receptions) are integrated into the Whole Foods branded experience.

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