Building a Recall Ranch
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‘Recall Ranch,’ unique not only in its function and aesthetics but also in its construction process, is located on five acres of rough hill country land outside of Boerne, Texas. The 2,600 square-foot house is the main residence of a retired couple who anticipate hosting events for their large and ever growing extended family. Long time suburbanites, the clients were eager to live in better communication with nature.

Designer Mark Zatopek responded by conceiving a home that interacts closely with the natural environment. In plan, the house spreads into the surroundings and captures a portion of the land in the courtyard. House orientation and large functional windows take advantage of daylight and prevailing breezes. The dog run not only allows air movement into the courtyard, but also serves as a transitional element between outside and inside. A covered porch follows the south and east edges of the courtyard providing a low cost exterior hallway for the house that further reinforces the connection of the house to its environment. Small windows penetrate the structural concrete block of the west wing of the house in response to the harsh afternoon sun.

The aesthetic of the house is inspired by the austere functionality of pioneer
structures and industrial buildings. Ornament is stripped away in favor of crisp geometric lines and pristine fit that stands as a counterpoint to the loose, rambling natural environment in which the house finds itself. Beauty grows from the interrelationships of the functional elements and the proportions of the massing pieces.

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The clients were instrumental to the success of this project. Their trust and understanding during both design and construction fostered a tremendously positive atmosphere for everyone involved with the project. The result of work that began in 1998, ‘Recall Ranch’ is a testament to their empathy and good will. Builder, designer, and client are all proud of the house, and we welcome any opportunity to share our experiences.

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